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Well, frankly, we weren't sure we could either.

Now over 15 years later we do alright.

But can you?

Your best chance starts here.  Let me explain why...

Gary and Stonnie dancing ballroom

When you commence dance lessons with us, you get...well, US!!

Yes, both Gary and Stonnie - and here's why it's so different and important.

With Gary and Stonnie available in the lesson, it's much easier to see how the dance is performed together. You'll see how to move together, how to connect with one another, and you'll appreciate the separate roles each person has within the dance.  It's much easier to take a step back, watch, and gain a whole lot more understanding with the two of us in the lesson.

There's a whole bunch of other reasons to learn from us like -

You will learn dance movements, not just steps - which makes dancing easier to learn.

We can separate and teach each individual making the lesson time more valuable.

We concentrate on how a dance feels

because we believe there is nothing better than dancing with a partner and feeling one with each other and the music.

We encourage taking home a summary video of your lesson on your phone.

We usually end your lesson with a little demonstration - just to inspire.

Beginner Dance Lesson Photo.jpg

So if you'd like to get started on a new adventure, press this button and send us a message via our Contact Form.

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